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Pastor Emeritus Roy Schroeder

photograph of Emeritus Roy Schroeder
Pastor Emeritus Roy Schroeder

Born September 8, 1929 in Caro, Michigan to the Rev. and Mrs. Philip Schroeder (Esther nee Ude). The family moved to Lansing, Michigan in 1931 where Philip Schroeder, Sr. served as pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church until 1961.

Married (Phyllis) Joy Helge of St. Louis, Missouri on June 4,1955.

Five children: Paul (1956), Stephanie (1957), Deborah (1959), Suzanne (1964), and John (1970). Twelve grandchildren.

Trinity Lutheran Church School in Lansing, Michigan
Concordia High School and College in Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri - graduated 1954
In 1954-1955 school year, fellowshipped in the New Testament department of the St. Louis Seminary under Dr. Martin Scharlemann and completed work toward Master of Sacred Theology degree.
While on 1966-1967 leave of absence from Peace congregation in Sparta, Michigan, completed work toward Doctor of Theology degree at St. Louis Seminary. Received degree in 1968.
Served two year vicarage working as missionary in Japan - 1951-1953
Pastor of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Vincennes, Indiana 1955-1957
Pastor of St. John Lutheran Church in Monroeville, Indiana 1957-1959
Pastor of Peace Lutheran Church in Sparta, Michigan 1959-1971
Pastor of Ascension Lutheran Church in East Lansing, Michigan 1971-1996
While at Peace, congregation was organized and grew to 380 communicants.
Directed ten annual Christian Art Shows. Continued and expanded the program at Ascension until retirement.
Co-sponsored nine Blessing of the Blossoms services in area apple orchards.
Conducted Migrant Clothing Center two years.
While at Ascension, saw building and renovation program through from beginning to end. Major item was a sanctuary. Chapel was added in 1978. A 29-rank Zimmer organ was installed in 1984.
Elected Circuit Counselor (1962-1966)
Elected to District Board of Education (1968-1970).
Elected to District Board of Directors (1970-1974).
Delegate to Denver Convention of Synod (1969). Member of Floor Committee on Theological Matters.
Counselor to the District LWML Board of Directors (1964-1968).
Three consecutive terms as chairman of the Grand Rapids area Pastors’ Conference (1969-1972).
Chairman of West Michigan Pastors’ Conference (1971-1973).
Served as Pastoral Advisor to the District Committee of the Missouri Synod Foundation (1964-1970).
Served as Public Relations Representative of Synod for the Grand Rapids area (1962-1971).
Served as essayist at numerous Pastors and Teachers Conferences.
Served as member of the Michigan District Reconciliation Committee (1974-1975).
Served as member of the West Michigan Media Ministries (formerly Grand Rapids Area Council of Churches Radio and TV Committee 1967-1971).
Served as Counselor to two LSV Schools in New York State.
Served as Guest Missioner at PTR programs in Indiana, Ontario, Wisconsin, and Illinois.
Served as Vice-President of the Fine Arts Fellowship (1973-1974) and as President (1974-1976).
Served as member of the Parkwood YMCA Board of Managers (1979-1987). Served as member of the Mid-Michigan Planning Board of the School for Ministry (1979-1984). Chairman of the group for one year.
Served as chairman of the Sparta Exchange Student Committee for first few years.
Hosted 32 tours: Middle East (9 times), Far East (2 times), China (3 times), Oberammergau (4 times), Steps of Luther, British Isles, Scandinavia (3 times), Australia/New Zealand (2 times), African Safari (2 times), Guatemala, Ecuador/Galapagos, Costa Rica, India, Spain
Published in:
  • Cresset, April, 1962
  • Concordia Pulpit, 1964
  • For the Time Being, 1973
  • Currents in Theology and Mission, December 1975
  • Concordia Journal, July 1998
Listed in Who’s Who in Religion in America 2nd, 3rd, 4th editions
Listed in Who’s Who in the Midwest, 23rd edition
Ordained: September 25, 1955
Retired: August 30, 1996

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